VMUG IT and Nutanix together for the first Hands On Day of 2013

Mark March 5th, 2013 on your calendar because the first 2013 VMUG IT Hands On Day will be held at the Royal Garden Hotel Assago (MI), Italy!.

The proven formula, gives a full day of highly technical discussion and first hand interaction with the products and solutions provided by the sponsor. Our first Hands On Day of 2013 will be held in collaboration with Nutanix.

Nutanix enables you to virtualize your datacenter without requiring a SAN. Their mission is to make virtualization simple by eliminating the need for network storage while still delivering the enterprise-class performance, scalability and data management features you need.

Nutanix Complete Cluster is a scale-out cluster of high-performance nodes (servers), each running a standard hypervisor and complete with processors, memory and local storage (SSDs and hard disks). Each node runs virtual machines just like a standard virtual machine host.

Local storage from all nodes is virtualized into a unified pool by Nutanix Scale-out Converged Storage (SOCS). A VM can write data anywhere in the cluster and is not limited by the storage local to the node where it is running. In effect, SOCS acts like an advanced SAN that uses local SSDs and disks from all the nodes to store its data, i.e. virtual machines running on the cluster write data to SOCS as if they were writing to a SAN. SOCS is VM-aware and provides advanced data management features for virtual machines. It brings data closer to VMs by storing it locally on the cluster, resulting in higher performance at a lower cost.

During the day, you will have the opportunity to learn how the underlying technology works, see various usage scenarios live and ask questions to the Nutanix people that will attend the event.

The event is free but requires registration. Seats are limited, we encourage you to register on the VMUG portal, where you will also find more details on the agenda and the logistics of the event:


See you there!