links for 2010-09-19

Creating Shazam in Java – Redcode This developer recreate the popular Shazam application in java in single weekend, his work is impressive to say the least. (tags: Shazam Java Developer Programming)

My new Storage Tools page

Last week I updated my old WWN Decoder page (renamed as “Storage Tools“) with three useful storage widgets: RAID Space Calculator, a RAW IOPS Calculator and a Replication Bandwidth Calculator. The IOPS calculator is a bit simplistic right now, I’m trying to improve it to include latency and other determining factors in the IOPS calculation. Comments and suggestions are VERY welcomed!

links for 2010-09-03

10 Omnigraffle tips you might not know (plus one bonus!) | Viget Advance I really dig Omnigraffle and this guide is a must for everyone who use this awesome software on a daily basis. (tags: Omnigraffle Mac OSX Tips)